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Supernatural episode Unforgiven in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Sam gets a text containing coordinates
From someone he doesn’t know
Several women have disappeared
To Bristol, Rhode Island
Is where the Winchesters go

While in Bristol
Flashes of memory flood Sam’s mind
Sam and Samuel worked a case here
What other pieces from his missing year
Will Sam find

Later Sam is arrested
By the cop he once assaulted
Sam does learn
Amnesia doesn’t  get him any sympathy
A jail cell is what he earns

Sam gets a visit from Brenna Dobbs
Her husband was Roy the sheriff
Is what Brenna told
Roy has been missing for about a year
Will a connection to these women soon unfold

Brenna has her doubts about Sam
But from jail she helps him flee
Sam is still getting flashes of memories
Scratching the wall in his mind further will reveal
Hell moments for him to see

A year ago in Bristol
When Sam and Samuel worked a similar case
An Arachne is what they hunted
Sadly Sam uses Roy for bait

The Arachne captured Roy
She took him back to her lair
Her bite filled Roy with poison
Soul less Sam shot Roy but didn’t care

Now back in the present
Sam learns Roy survived
The Arachne from the past didn’t feed on Roy
But turned him which is why Roy is still alive

Roy had sent the mysterious texts to Sam
Revenge was Roy’s mission
Should he kill Sam or turn him
Either way Sam Winchester is in a precarious position

While Roy attacks Dean
Sam is trapped in a huge spider web
And should be afraid
But it is Brenna who saves the day
By giving Sam the knife to free himself
And cut off Roy’s head

Back at the motel
Guilt over his past bad acts
For Sam swell
In a instant Sam crashes to the floor
Overwhelmed by a frightening memory of Hell