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Supernatural episode And Then There Were None in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The Winchesters are on the case
Of killings at Starlight Cannery
That suddenly befall
Not long before they discover a connection
To the Mother of All

Rufus and Bobby
Are also on the case it’s true
Sam and Dean see Gwen
Then Samuel Campbell too

For their grandfather’s betrayal
Samuel’s life Dean is ready to end
But sadly Gwen is the victim
When it she is who Dean does kill
A “con worm” created by the Mother of All
Takes over his free will

The Mother of All
Eve is her name
Is playing a very dangerous game

Bobby tells the hunters
To give up their guns
In the cannery
A deadly game of cat and mouse
Has begun

With the “con worm” inside him
Samuel Campbell comes towards Sam
Sam warns his grandfather don’t move
When Sam kills Samuel
The younger Winchester swears the
“con worm” isn’t inside him
But how do you prove

The “con worm” leaves behind
Black goo
A monster’s calling card
It is true

When Bobby and Rufus
Use a saw to open Samuel’s head
Samuel is alive
They all should be afraid

Maybe it’s the “con worm”
Still a race against the clock
The “con worm” can be destroyed
By an electrical shock

The “con worm” is clever
No evidence of black goo
When it lurks inside
But from an electrical shock
It can not hide

An electrical shock
Will soon show
In which of hunters
The “con worm” did go

A touch of a electrical current
Prove that Sam and Dean and Rufus
Are all “con worm” free
Bobby is acting strangely
Under the control of the “con worm”
He seems to be

Bobby stabs Rufus
And Rufus dies
The “con worm” gives information on Eve
Her motive and why

In the end
The Winchesters take a chance
A powerful electrical shock to Bobby
To the “con worm” is the deal
But after this tragedy
Can they all heal