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Supernatural episode My Heart Will Go On in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Fatal accidents
A golden thread left behind
Fate is taking lives
She isn’t so easy to find

Fate is very angry
Balthazar changed the past
Preventing the Titanic from sinking
Yet heartache is still made to last

Details have been altered
The Winchesters drive a different car
Ellen and Jo are alive
A host of changes by far

Balthazar followed Castiel’s orders
It is about the souls you see
Castiel is collecting souls for his war machine
Is his victory against Raphael poised to be

In this new reality
Bobby and Ellen are wed
If Balthazar goes back in time to sink the Titanic
Ellen and Jo will once again be dead

Sam and Dean are nervous
Yet they use themselves as bait
In an effort to tempt Fate
There is no time to wait

Fate tells Castiel
That by changing history
He has ripped up Heaven’s page
Rendering her useless
No wonder she feels such rage

Castiel won’t let Sam and Dean die
Reluctantly he has Balthazar
Go back in time and sink the Titanic
For Castiel wants to save the Winchesters is why