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Supernatural episode The French Mistake in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

On a rainy evening in Bobby’s house
The Winchesters are researching a case
When suddenly Balthazar appears
Collecting ingredients in a frantic race

Rambling on about the movie The God Father
And mixing ingredients well
The makings of a spell
One can easily tell

Table salt
Blood of lamb
A bone of a lesser saint
Then a mysterious symbol
On Bobby’s window
Balthazar paints

You will go where I throw you
To the brothers is what Balthazar said
Then Balthazar gives Sam a key
Screaming run when an angelic assassin charges ahead

Through Bobby’s window
Sam and Dean fly
Now on a television show set
But the Winchesters don’t know why

The show is called Supernatural
The bizarre is what the brothers meet
When a reporter takes Sam away
An interview for the younger Winchester to greet

Dean is led to a makeup chair
What else is in store
Dean Winchester isn’t happy
With makeup on
He says I’m a painted whore

You beat the Devil
Lost your soul and then got it back again
What’s next for Sam Winchester
The reporter said
Sam is perplexed
In this new world what is ahead

In this twilight zone dimension
This television show called Supernatural
Sam does explain
I’m something called a Jared Padalecki
And you’re Jensen Ackles
This is so insane

The brothers see Castiel outside
To their delight
With angelic help
They can return home tonight

Sam and Dean ask Castiel questions
Who they thoroughly engage
Yet they soon realize
This isn’t Cas
But an actor named Misha reading from a scripted page

Off to Jensen Ackles huge trailer
The brothers go
To piece together clues
They need to know

Researching on the computer
Sam learns
That Jensen Ackles is from Texas
And on a soap opera is where his acting experience was earned

Dean knows how to draw the symbol
The ingredients they have to find
To get back to their own reality
Before they lose their mind

The ingredients on set
And even the Impala there is fake
How can they get home
To fix Balthazar’s mistake

Their driver is Clint
Or was it Cliff
The man said
Dean is annoyed
They’re in Vancouver
The sign read

To Jared Padalecki’s house
Cliff drives ahead
To a stately mansion
Surely Jared Padalecki
Must be the star of this thing
Sam said

A tanning bed in the living room
You have a camel in your backyard
Dean said with surprise
It’s an alpaca, dumb ass
A shock to the brothers eyes

For on the stairs
The Winchesters see
Ruby coming towards them
Surely this can’t be

When Dean calls her Ruby
Is this joke supposed to be funny, Jensen
The woman exclaimed
She’s the actress who plays Ruby
But Sam and Dean don’t know her name

Sam married fake Ruby
Dean is both annoyed and surprised
You did alright for yourself
Dean later remarks as the beautiful actress
Leaves the room departing from their eyes

I have to find out her name
Sam says
That’s something he needs to know
First to max out Jared Padalecki’s credit cards
To get the ingredients for the spell so home they can go

When Genevieve Padalecki
Returns from the International Otter Adoption Dinner
Questions about last year
If Genevieve remembers Sam can’t go wrong
Those things happened on your show
Genevieve said you’ve been playing
Sam Winchester way too long

The ingredients arrive by plane
No need for customs to go
If Jared and Jensen are doing something illegal
Cliff doesn’t want to know

Back to the set
To finish the spell
Soon the director appears
And to the boys he tells
The Winchesters will have to act
This won’t turn out well

Sam and Dean mess up their lines
Too many takes
This is not a way
For a successful tv show to make

Misha is busy tweeting
His mishamigos must be surprised
To read about Jared and Jensen’s bad behavior
That Misha is seeing before his eyes

Virgil the angel assassin has come to the alternate world
To retrieve the key
The angelic weapons
Are Raphael’s to be

Jared and Jensen beat up Virgil
In this reality
His angelic powers are lost
Virgil will fulfill Raphael’s mission
At any cost

Yet on the Supernatural set
The situation is grave
Perhaps Eric Kripke can talk to Jared and Jensen
To get them to behave

Later Virgil kidnaps Misha
And slits his throat after all
With Misha’s blood in a bowl
Virgil makes a heavenly call

From Genevieve
Sam and Dean find out
That Misha was stabbed to death
They go to check it out

From a homeless man
They hear a tale
Of how Virgil called Heaven
The Winchesters can’t let Raphael prevail

Later on set by Virgil
Eric Kripke
Robert Singer and others are shot
But Sam and Dean are heroes
Not to be forgot

In a motel
On set the Winchesters and Virgil fight
An angelic sound
And Sam and Dean crash through a window this night

Raphael is now a lady
The female meatsuit is strong
But Balthazar appears
Before too long

The key is a fake
The Winchesters were part of Balthazar and Castiel’s plan
To trick Raphael
The hunters unknowingly lend a hand

Castiel did quick touch to their heads
And to their own reality Sam and Dean go
In the alternate reality Jared Padalecki
May be the star of his own show
But here Sam and Dean are brothers
An unbreakable bond you know