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Supernatural episode Frontierland in verse Tracy Diane Miller

The Winchesters and Bobby are in Samuel Campbell’s library
Hoping an answer would reveal
In one of the old books
A way to defeat the Mother of All
That may have long been concealed

Pouring through the text
A clue Bobby did find
The ashes of a phoenix can kill the Mother
The mythical bird is what springs to mind

Dean is very lucky
When he is looking around
For Samuel Colt’s journal from 1861
Was what Dean Winchester found

In Colt’s journal the famous hunter said
That a phoenix he had killed
If the Winchesters go
Back in time find a phoenix and get Colt’s gun
They can shoot a phoenix using skill

Dean calls out to Castiel
But another angel named Rachel comes right away
To tell them Castiel can’t come
Because he’s fighting a civil war this day

Rachel is annoyed
The Winchesters don’t endear
She says they’re petty and entitled
While she is arguing Castiel appears

Castiel will send the Winchesters back in time
Granting what they ask
But they don’t have much time to find the phoenix
So they must hurry with this task

The brothers arrive in 1861
They watch a man named Finch being hanged from afar
Later they head over to the saloon for information about Samuel Colt
A saloon is an old fashioned bar

Walking into the saloon
Dean is disappointed
This is not awesome is what Dean said
The whiskey tastes like gasoline
And contact with a saloon girl makes him afraid

A short time later
When the saloon girl is upstairs with the judge
Finch appears and kills the judge with a touch of the hand
The saloon girl tells the sheriff and the Winchesters
That Finch isn’t a ghost they should understand

When the Winchesters discover
Digging up Finch’s grave
An empty casket
They believe Finch is the phoenix
Who won’t behave

Sam will ride off to get Colt’s gun
There are many miles
Sam needs to return in time
But later finds out convincing Colt
To help takes awhile

After Finch kills the sheriff
Dean is appointed the new sheriff in his place
Dean has a plan to confront Finch
But he will have to race

Meanwhile Castiel has his own troubles
Rachel disagrees with his motives and then they fight
While Rachel injures Castiel
Castiel kills Rachel this night

Castiel returns to Bobby’s
In order to bring the Winchesters back
Castiel needs to get energy from touching Bobby’s soul
This will take some knack

In the end Sam gets the Colt
And with the gun Dean kills Finch
A goal to succeed
But the Winchesters are sent back to their own time
Before getting the phoenix ash they need

Then a delivery man comes to the door
A package for Sam is a surprise
Inside is a letter from Samuel Colt
And a bottle of phoenix ash before his eyes