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Supernatural episode Mommy Dearest in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dean is filling bullets with phoenix ash
A surprise he soon learns
When the phoenix ash is on his skin
He only gets a burn

If phoenix ash is a powerful tool
As Samuel Colt’s journal did conceive
A burn won’t be effective
For the Winchesters to kill Eve

Castiel lets them know
Eve he can’t find
Perhaps a friendly monster can help
Lenore comes to mind

Lenore was the vampire
From Gordon the brothers had saved
Where has she been all these years
Has human blood she craved

Lenore tells the boys
That from Eve she tries to stay
But when they contacted Lenore
Eve can see and hear them this day

Lenore told them the information
The Winchesters needed to know
Now she wants them to kill her
Her death needs to be so

Lenore can’t fight her murderous urges
Such a sad state
So Castiel kills Lenore
No need to wait

From what Lenore said
Eve is in Oregon
So that’s where they go
In a diner Bobby is on computer
Discovering information they need to know

It seems a Dr. Silver called the CDC
A young man named Ed Bright
Had an mysterious illness
A sickness to see

Castiel wants to do his angelic transporting
To quickly move around
But he appears to be limp
Looks like Eve has blocked him
Castiel has found

Castiel goes with Dean
Dr. Silver has disappeared
In Dr. Silver’s garage
A body has appeared

Sam is with Bobby
When a local sheriff does ask
Why is the FBI in Oregon
What is the Feds task

Later when they go to Ed Bright’s place
What they see
Is many bodies with Ed’s face
Sick as can be

Ed is not Ed
It is Marshall
Ed’s friend
Who succumbs to his sickness
So sad in the end

Back to a local bar
In town
A slew of dead bodies
Is what they found

A vampire with a wraith spike
Meets their eyes just the same
Dean calls the new breed “Jefferson Starships”
An ingenious name

When the police enter the bar
Sam, Bobby and Castiel are under arrest
But Dean hid instead
Proving the elder Winchester knows what’s best

At the police station
Sam sees a familiar flare in sight
These men aren’t the police
But Jefferson Starships this night

There is a fight
Castiel is about to be killed
Dean beheaded a monster
Using his hunter’s skill

In a jail cell
The missing Dr. Silver’s sons
The Winchesters find
Protecting these boys is what springs to mind

Later at the original diner
The Winchesters go
Eve is inside with her monsters
Say it isn’t so

Eve tells the Winchesters
She wants to make a deal
Maybe they will want to listen
If she’s wearing Mary’s face
The Winchesters mother her form reveals

Eve with Mary’s face
Tells them that Crowley is alive
Torturing her monster babies
The King of Hell thrives

Another surprise that Eve tells
The two Silver boys
Are now her monster creations as well

It’s Crowley I want
Work for me or as monsters
You I will turn then Eve bites Dean
But Dean is clever we learn

On his skin
The phoenix ash is the reason why
They all watch Eve
As she dramatically dies

Later they find the Silver boys
But the youngsters are dead
In a big shock
Castiel is working with Crowley
What lies ahead