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Supernatural episode Hello, Cruel World in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dean and Bobby are in danger
The Leviathans have control over Castiel’s vessel
But Castiel’s vessel is bleeding black goo
It may soon explode
Black goo is a telling clue

Off to the municipal water
Leviathans in the water supply
The hunters watch in shock as Castiel’s body explodes
Presumably the angel has died

Looking in the water
There is an object that floats
Dean reaches out his hand to take out
Castiel’s trademark trench coat

Meanwhile back at Bobby’s house
Sam is trying to rest
But hallucinations continue to plague him
Torture is what Lucifer does best

A bottle of water and a protein bar
Becomes Sam’s breakfast in bed
But he can’t shake Lucifer
A manifestation from his head

As Bobby wraps Sam’s injured hand
Lucifer continues to mock
The Leviathans are still out there
To defeat them the Winchesters will race against the clock

The Leviathans are taking over bodies
A little girl
A mechanic
And a swim team
People are the Leviathan food source
Quite a sinister scheme

Sheriff Jody Mills is in the hospital
An appendectomy was what was due
Dr. Gaines is a Leviathan
Who kidnaps Jody’s hospital roommate
Then eats her liver it is true

Later Jody calls Bobby
The truth about her liver eating doctor she tells
Jody wants Bobby to get down to the hospital
Before the monster eats her as well

Bobby goes to help Jody
Sam holds down the fort
Lucifer continues with his mental torture
For the Devil this is sport

When Dean returns to Bobby’s house
To investigate is where the Winchesters go
Arriving at an abandoned building
Sam realizes this is not Dean
But a Lucifer hallucination you know

A short time later
In the abandoned building the real Dean arrives
But an uncertain Sam fires the gun
Not wanting the Devil to thrive

Dean talks to Sam
Then Dean takes Sam’s hand
And squeezes his brother’s scar
The pain jolts the younger Winchester back to reality
To banish the hallucination very far

At Sioux Falls General Hospital
Bobby faces a Leviathan this night
When Bobby attacks the monster
Black goo comes into sight

When the Winchesters head back to Bobby’s house
Their surrogate father they expect to meet
But Bobby’s house has been destroyed
And the fear that Bobby is dead
Is what they greet

The brothers are in danger
For Edgar the Leviathan is around
Edgar breaks Dean’s leg and hits Sam on the head
Knocking him to the ground

Dean pulls a lever
On Edgar a car lands you see
Dean calls for an ambulance
In the ambulance an unconscious Sam
Is treated by an EMT

Dean is frantic
Sioux Falls General Hospital
Dean doesn’t want to go
Edgar is alive
But the Winchesters do not know