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Supernatural episode Let It Bleed in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

While Castiel was at Bobby’s house
A journal he took
The writings of Moisha Campbell
An important book

Moisha talked about H.P. Lovecraft
A horror writer with fame
Who talked about opening the door to Purgatory
Surely not a game

Bobby made a copy of Campbell’s journal
The clues for them to see
If they can stop the door to Purgatory from opening
A victory this would be

Meanwhile Crowley’s demon kidnap Lisa and Ben
Where he has them
Can they be found
Crowley will succeed at finding Purgatory
So Crowley warns
That Dean better stand down

Bobby goes to a mental institution
To talk to a man
Who has information about H.P.Lovecraft’s
March 10, 1937 dinner party you understand

The old man in 1937 was nine years old
But he has quite a story to be told
All of Lovecraft’s party guests shortly died
Something took his mother
A creature from Purgatory is the reason why

When Bobby sees a picture of the man’s mother
He is for a surprise
We later learn
It’s a picture of Dr. Visyak who met Bobby’s eyes

Meanwhile Dean is torturing demons
To find out where Lisa and Ben could be
When Dean accidentally breaks the devil’s trap
A demon walks free

The demon seizes Dean
A Winchester to beat
Castiel saved Dean in the nick of time
Before Dean becomes dead meat

Dean is still angry with Castiel
Yet Castiel tells Dean
That Lisa and Ben will be found
Castiel also wants Dean to stand down

Balthazar comes to Sam
He’s on the Winchesters’ team
The angel transports the brothers to where Lisa and Ben are
A drama remains to be seen

Dean beats up some demons
And is ready to rescue Lisa and Ben
When he gets a cruel surprise
For Lisa is possessed
She sports demonic black eyes

Demon Lisa hurls insults and ugly words
That isn’t your mother talking
Dean told Ben
Dean hopes Ben heard

Dean throws holy water at Demon Lisa
Holy water works best
Demon Lisa has the last laugh
Plunging a blade in her meatsuit’s chest

In the hospital
Castiel heals Lisa
And wipes her and Ben’s memories clean
Thoughts of Dean Winchester will now be unseen

Leaving her safe house
Dr. Visyak has no luck this day
For Castiel has found her
He spirits her away