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Supernatural episode Meet The New Boss in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

When a former angelic friend is now God
And wants you to bow to him this night
How can you refuse
When you he can easily smite

Castiel is the new God
He tells Bobby, Sam and Dean
An angel replaced by a tyrant
Absolute power has made Castiel mean

Now that the wall in his mind is broken
Hallucinations are what Sam sees well
Is that really Lucifer
Is Sam Winchester still burning in Hell

Castiel as the new God
Is on a vengeful path
Church members
And even motivational speakers
Have all faced Castiel’s wrath

Crowley is in hiding
A trailer is his safe place
But Castiel has now found him
Is death what the King of Hell will face

Castiel won’t kill Crowley
Is what he reveals
A new plan to divide up the souls
Is what becomes Castiel’s deal

The Winchesters have a plan too
To defeat Castiel
Death they can bind
But first a spell to bind Death
Is what they need to find

Reluctantly Crowley works with the Winchesters
Giving them the binding spell
For Death won’t be happy
This won’t turn out well

Hallucinations are Sam’s burden
Terrifying memories continue to pour from Sam’s head
But Sam will keep the truth from Dean
He doesn’t want for his brother to be afraid

The plan to bind Death
Tonight will take place
Only Death can stop the new God
But what challenges will the Winchesters face

Things haven’t been going well for Castiel
The weight of souls
And the voices he hears
His meatsuit is falling apart
Is the end for Castiel lurking near

Death has been summoned
Bound with a chain on his arm
When angrily Castiel appears to see what the hunters have done
Death is under their control
So they can’t be harm

Castiel swallowed millions of souls
He made a costly mistake
For he also consumed the oldest beasts
The Leviathans
What destruction will come in their wake

Even when the door to Purgatory is opened
And some souls returned
The Leviathans have held on
A reign of terror is what humanity now has earned