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Supernatural episode The Man Who Knew Too Much in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Sam Winchester is running
As police cars chase
Hiding in a bar
Is the safest place

First the bartender is hostile
Then she decides to help him out just the same
Yet when she asks
Sam doesn’t know his name

But all around
There seems to be clues
Of a life
That maybe he knew

An H.P. Lovecraft book
A trip with the bartender to a seedy motel
A host of fake ids
Then a flash of memory as well

An older man named Bobby
And a younger male model type
In a vision he finds
My name is Sam
He learns from the flash of memory from his mind

Outside the Impala is parked
A loss of memory is no fun
But Sam is shocked
When a guy who looks him
Is holding a gun

But all of this
Is a figment of Sam’s mind
For in the panic room
Is where we find

Sam is in bed
Will he wake up
To face what is ahead

Inside Sam’s head
A journey to see
A confrontation with his soul less self
A piece of him to be

Soul less Sam
Says having a soul renders Sam weak
There can be only one of them in control
This power is what Soul less Sam seeks

Sam runs when Soul less Sam fires the gun ready to kill
Which one of them will survive
Sam kills Soul less Sam with a gun
So Sam is alive

Later at Bobby’s house
Another piece of himself for Sam to be
The part of him who remembers Hell
A bloody and burned mess to see

The tortured Sam who remembers Hell
Go find Jess is what this Sam said
But Sam will not leave his brother alone
To face whatever is ahead

Sam then stabs
The piece of himself who remembers Hell
While his comatose body shakes in bed as well

Meanwhile Balthazar goes to Bobby and Dean
With something to say
Balthazar doesn’t want Castiel
To have control over countless souls
So his angelic friend Balthazar will betray

Castiel double crosses Crowley
No souls will Crowley receive
Flee or die
Is the ultimatum to Crowley
That Castiel does conceive

But never underestimate
The King of Hell
For Crowley has a new partner
It is female Raphael

Under Raphael’s protection
The King of Hell
Castiel can’t smite
Flee or die
Crowley says to Castiel
Who disappears into the night

With Balthazar’s help
Bobby and Dean find Crowley and Raphael
With a jar of blood and a Latin spell
Ready to open the door to Purgatory as well

Crowley throws Bobby and Dean to the floor
But the spell does fail
It doesn’t open Purgatory’s door evil won’t prevail

Castiel reappears with a jar of real blood
Crowley had dog’s blood a fake
With a snap of his fingers
Castiel explodes female Raphael
Make no mistake

Castiel shines brightly
The power of millions upon millions of souls inside him to see
It’s exit stage Crowley
When the King of Hell flees

Sam has arrived
To stab Castiel in the back with the angel blade
But Castiel doesn’t die
For Castiel is no longer an angel
But the new God is why