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Supernatural episode The Man Who Would Be King in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Sitting alone in a park
Castiel longs to find
A purpose for his actions
To lead to peace of mind

In a real way
Castiel is engaged in prayer
Hoping somehow that God is listening
That his Father is there

God is merciful
Despite when the angels have felt his wrath
Castiel needs to know if he is on the right path

Working with Crowley
The King of Hell
Is an unholy alliance
Castiel knows as well

Crowley is angry
Eve was the best clue to Purgatory they had
But the Winchesters killed her
Those hunting brothers
Are Crowley’s  nightmare in denim plaid

Meanwhile Sam and Bobby
Their suspicions regarding Castiel they bandied about
But Dean remains loyal to Castiel
Giving his angelic friend the benefit of the doubt

Through a series of flashbacks
Castiel’s journey is told
Was his actions his best intentions
As the story did unfold

He rescued Sam from Lucifer’s cage
And tried to teach the angels free will
But unfortunately for Castiel
He really didn’t have the skill

Then there was Raphael
Who in Heaven seemed to reign
Raphael wanted to put the Apocalypse back on track
What would he have to gain

Raphael is more powerful than Castiel
If Castiel didn’t pledge allegiance to Raphael he would be beat
Sadly Castiel became vulnerable
To Crowley’s suggestion of how Raphael
Castiel would be able to defeat

Fifty thousand souls in Hell
Crowley gave to Castiel as a loan
This gave Castiel the power
To face Raphael in a crucial hour

Some of the angels followed Raphael
Some of the angels came Castiel’s way
The origins of Heaven’s civil war that begun that day

The demon equivalent of Bobby Singer
Named Ellsworth is who Castiel killed
When Crowley sent his demons to hurt the Winchesters
Castiel saved his friends with skill

Later the truth from Castiel
Is the hunters desire
So they tricked Castiel
Into a circle of holy fire

Castiel finally admitted to Bobby, Sam and Dean
That he was working with Crowley to find Purgatory
But things weren’t bad as they seemed