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Supernatural episode Defending Your Life in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dearborn, Michigan
Matthew Hammond is frantic and runs
A car gives chase
A supernatural mystery has begun

Matthew is in an apartment
Thinking he is safe from the car is why
But the killer car is in the building
Crushing him and Matthew dies

There is another victim
A menacing dog gives chase
The man hides in a restaurant bathroom
Figuring he’s safe is true
How the dog got into the bathroom
To kill the man
There is no clue

The Winchesters are on the case
Of these victims who ended up dead
A bigger challenge they will face
As the day moves ahead

Matthew killed a little girl while drunk
The other victim ran a dog fighting ring
The ghosts were out for revenge
So death is what they bring

Red dirt is a clue
The Winchesters are heading to a barn that is very far
When they nearly avoid hitting a man
Who darted in front of them with their car

The man tells a confusing story
Of how he spent years in jail
But was just put on trial
The trial was in an old barn with strange symbols
Will piecing together clues take the Winchesters awhile

Sam calls Bobby while Dean heads for a local bar
Dean tells the bartender about his guilt for going behind Sam’s back
A mysterious bar patron observes
For this man eavesdropping is more than a curious knack

When a drunken Dean leaves the bar
He is abducted and taken to the barn far away
Sam learns from Bobby
That the Egyptian God Osiris
Is who they are hunting on this day

Osiris is the judge, jury and executioner you see
He weighs the evidence of guilt
And for Osiris a conviction
Means death is soon to be

Now Dean is on trial
And Sam is the lawyer taking Dean’s case
Jo is Osiris’ first witness
For Dean believes her death was his fault in the first place

Sam is Osiris’ next witness
Questioned by Osiris
About how Dean pulled him into the hunting life
Ever since that moment
Sam’s world has been full of strife

Osiris has another witness
That he is prepared to call
Dean thinks the witness is Amy
So instead Dean is prepared for Osiris
To render judgment after all

The verdict is guilty
Dean is sentenced to die
Osiris will use Jo to execute Dean
Dean needs to put his affairs in order and say goodbye

Meanwhile Sam talks to Bobby
Stabbing the Egyptian god with a ram’s horn
Is how Osiris can be put down for decades is true
Sam succeeds in stabbing Osiris
This saves Dean from death coming due