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Supernatural episode Shut Up, Dr. Phil in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Prosperity, Indiana
A slew of deaths to behold
Revenge is the motive
For the horror that unfolds

A realtor is electrocuted
An overheated hairdryer
Is a horrific way to die
A nail gun mishap
For a construction worker
No reason why

The Winchesters are on the case
Piecing together clues they found
The deaths are supernatural
A witch’s handiwork is around

A well-known developer
Don Stark had an affair
His wife Maggie is a witch
Her vengeful spells done with care

The Winchesters will have to hurry
Or Don’s assistant Jenny Klein is the next victim
To become Maggie’s prey
A hex to choke on the cupcakes
With little beating hearts that day

Maggie even destroyed
Don’s commemorative bust
An aggrieved wife
Her witch’s wrath is a must

For the blood that she willingly shed
If the Winchesters can’t stop her
What other deaths are ahead

Maggie is holding a charity art gala
Sue is her assistant and friend
Sue was the person
Who told Maggie about Don’s affair
In the end

For Sue there’s an eyeball in her martini
A flying platter towards her did behead
Don Stark is also a witch
What revenge spell against Sue had he said

It’s like the War of the Roses
With witches as the theme
How can the Winchesters stop
This deadly revenge scheme

An incantation and chicken feet
To kill witches is a good spell
But for the spell to succeed
The chicken feet must be chilled as well

Don and Maggie are angry
To the Winchesters they bring harm
Sam’s idea to counsel them
Is a way to disarm

The Starks continue to argue
Marital discord to see
Annoyed with Dean
Maggie conjures up some bees

In the end the Starks’ marriage
Seems saved by the Winchesters anyway
And Don stops a Leviathan
From killing the Winchesters this day