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Supernatural episode Slash Fiction in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

To get to the Winchesters
The Leviathans have an ingenious way
To clone the brothers
By using their DNA

The Leviathans cloned to look like the Winchesters
Rob banks and innocent people are killed
Now the actual Winchesters are on the FBI radar
And avoiding capture will take some skill

Sam and Dean will need some help
This is something that Bobby knows
Bobby sends the brothers
To an eccentric computer genius
Named Frank Devereaux

From Devereaux the Winchesters get new computers
And fake ids this day
No longer can they drive the Impala
Baby will be hidden away

In the cabin basement
Bobby has a Leviathan in a chair bound
Decapitation is what Bobby discovered
To slow a Leviathan down

Yet Bobby has his own troubles before too long
When he accidentally touched the Leviathan with his arm
The Leviathan is cloned to look like Bobby
This is so wrong

Jody Mills had found Bobby in the cabin
And later when she cleans
An unexpected lucky break
Is soon seen

Spilling the cleaning solution on the floor
Borax burns the Leviathan
That’s what is in store

The Leviathans cloned to look like Sam and Dean
Are leaving a trail for the Winchesters to find
Jericho and Iowa are some of the places the Leviathans go
The locales where the brothers have worked cases in the past
Sam and Dean would know

When the Winchesters catch up to the Leviathans cloned to look like them
These Leviathans get away
For it is Sam and Dean
Who are captured by the police this day

The police take Sam to a room and Dean to a cell
A short while later
The Leviathans cloned to look like the Winchesters
Show up as well

A cop initially refuses to believe the story Dean told
But he sees something shocking unfold
One cop eats another
The horror seen
Then the flesh eating cop and his partner
Change into Sam and Dean

The Leviathan Dean
Dislikes Sam it’s true
Telling Sam that Dean killed Amy
Something Sam never knew

Meanwhile Dean cuts off Leviathan Sam’s head
And then goes into the room
Where Leviathan Dean is with Sam and playing a sadistic game
Cutting off that Leviathan’s head
Just the same

Later the Leviathan leader named Dick Roman
Meets Crowley the King of Hell
But Dick Roman hates demons
So the meeting doesn’t turn out well

Sam is angry with Dean for killing Amy
He refuses to ride with Dean this day
Will the Winchesters have to carry on
In their separate ways