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Supernatural episode The Mentalists in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Lily Dale
The most psychic place around
Is there an angry spirit
Killing all the psychics in town

Grandma Goldy a medium is dead
Nikolai a spoon bender too
What’s a supernatural hunter to do

Although Sam is still angry with Dean
He agrees to work the case
What clues may be seen

The necklace Imelda Gravin gave Grandma Goldy
Is a fake
But the Winchesters need to solve this case
Or more psychics will die
Make no mistake

Melanie Goldin’s psychic friend Camille
Gets a vision that she will die
From a security camera Dean finds out
A ghost is giving a vision by touching Camille’s head
And then the ghost will kill is why
The Winchesters need to learn more about the ghost
Before Camille dies

To a museum
The Winchesters go
And there they see
An old photo of the woman
The ghost giving visions
The woman in the photo turns out to be

The ghost is Kate Fox
She and her psychic sister Margaret
Were founders of the town
Soon it’s off to the cemetery
To burn Kate’s bones so she won’t stay around

Why won’t anyone listen to me
The ghost of Kate cries
But Kate’s bones the Winchesters burn
Before the truth about the angry spirit they learn

Kate’s ghost wasn’t killing
Her visions were to warn of the danger ahead
It is the ghost of older sister Margaret
All should be afraid

Margaret kills Camille
Melanie feels sorrow
But Margaret is being controlled
By Jimmy Tomorrow

Jealousy is Jimmy’s motive
It is revealed
Like Margaret he was the real psychic deal

But the real deal isn’t pretty or flashy
To Sam is what Jimmy said
So he gets Margaret to kill for him
That’s why psychics are now dead

Margaret is after Melanie
It’s all Jimmy’s fault
Dean and Melanie
Are in a circle of salt

In the end
It is Sam who saves the day
By shooting Jimmy
And burning Margaret’s bones so she vanishes away