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I am a work in progress, an #AlwaysKeepFighting poem for Jared Padalecki by Tracy Diane Miller

I am a work in progress
New pieces molded each day
After many years of pain
I seek a new beginning
As compassion becomes mine to gain

I am a rough draft
For depression deprived me of form
As maddening emotions united
To create so relentless a storm

I was once invisible
Why couldn’t I begin to see
That I really mattered
In my heart I could learn to love me

I am a collection of scars
My life a battle won
For there is light at the end of the tunnel
I have only just begun

I am a candle
Compassion is my flame
No longer drowning in darkness
Please remember my name

I am me
I can learn to love me first
My soul is no longer hungry
My heart will no longer thirst

I can now open my eyes
I can now embrace the lighting
Depression is a darkness still there
But I will Always Keep Fighting