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Supernatural episode Adventures in Babysitting in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The silence is deafening
As the Winchesters mourn Bobby’s death these last few weeks
Dean works hard to understand the numbers that Bobby wrote
A peace of mind for him to seek

Sam said to his brother
To tell other hunters about Bobby’s death
Should they make the call
While this isn’t something the brothers want to do
It still needs to be done after all

Bobby’s phone rings
On the line is a teen
Wanting to talk to Bobby Singer so she asks
When Sam tells her she can’t talk to Bobby
She hangs up and finding her becomes Sam’s task

Dean doesn’t want to babysit a teen
Not when the answers to the meaning of these numbers he needs
For Dean it’s off to see Frank Devereaux
Maybe with help from a computer genius he will succeed

Meanwhile Sam is with the teen
Krissy Chambers is her name
Her father hasn’t been seen for a few days
Her father is a hunter all the same

Sam is unaware
That her father being a hunter is something Krissy knew
Sam will look for Krissy’s father
Following various clues

Dean finds Frank
Paranoia is still Devereaux’s theme
After Frank confirms that Dean is not a Leviathan
It is off to uncover the monsters’ schemes

A piece of land in Wisconsin
What the Leviathans are building remains to be seen
More questions than there are answers
Is the challenge for Dean

Piecing together various clues
A vetala is the monster that Sam seeks
But vetalas don’t work alone but in pairs
One bite from a vetala and her venom leaves Sam weak

Krissy calls the number Sam gave
Dean is with whom she speaks
Sam is in trouble
Now finding Sam is what Dean seeks

Krissy is in the Impala with Dean
Reluctantly he brings her this way
But don’t underestimate Krissy
For later it is she who kills a vetala and saves the day