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Supernatural episode Death’s Door in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In a coma
From a bullet to his brain
Bobby’s mind has opened death’s door
The moments of his life flash as a determined refrain

Bobby sees his wife Karen
His hunting partner Rufus too
Yet he must flee a reaper
As his soul has just come due

If Bobby is to survive
According to Rufus an exit door
Bobby must find
Not so easy to run from a reaper
Even when it’s only in your mind

Bobby’s wife wanted a baby
Yet Bobby felt he would break everything that he would touch
A few days after this conversation
Karen was possessed
Something Bobby regretted very much

Bobby played ball with a young Dean
A great father he could have been
But the scars from a violent childhood
Sadly made fatherhood a thing he wouldn’t win

Bobby’s father had a drinking problem
The elder Singer subjected his wife and son
To verbal and physical abuse
To torment your family
Is really no excuse

Meanwhile at the hospital
The doctor tells the Winchesters that Bobby may die
A representative talks to Dean about organ donation
But Dean angrily tells the man that Bobby will live
Because it is just one bullet is the reason why

Going outside of the hospital
Dean is in for a surprise
For Dick Roman is waiting in his car
The Leviathan meets Dean’s eyes

Dean is unafraid
And he’s full of threats
For Dean Winchester isn’t finished with Dick Roman
Not just yet

Back inside of Bobby’s head
Everything is starting to go black
Can Bobby continue to defy his reaper
Will he have the knack

The most terrifying secret
Shortly comes to light
For young Bobby shot his abusive father in the head
Killing him to save his mother one night

Stay or go
The reaper said
Bobby doesn’t want to leave Sam and Dean
It looks like the hospital monitor flat lined
Bobby Singer may be dead
But whether this really is the end for him
Remains to be seen