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Supernatural episode How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In the woods
There are campers being killed
By a creature who is hungry and fast
A horror made to last

The Winchesters are on the case
They look into the lore
Initially they believe it’s the Jersey Devil
But discover much more is in store

To Biggerson’s Restaurant
The Winchesters meet Chief Ranger Rick
The Chief Ranger seems to be stoned
That’s what the hunters think

A waiter is unusually hostile
Dean eats a Turducken slammer sandwich
And later appears stoned as well
Bobby and Sam investigate the meat
There’s something strange inside it they can clearly tell

Off to do surveillance
Of a Biggerson’s facility a goal in mind
A connection to the Leviathans
And their leader Dick Roman they find

Bobby is captured
Their surrogate father the Winchesters must save
To spray the Leviathans with Borax
Is how you get them to behave

The hunters must flee
Dick Roman is on their trail
He fires a gun and shoots Bobby
Has evil this time prevailed