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Supernatural episode Season 7 Time For A Wedding in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas
As we have all heard
But what has happened to Sam Winchester
Really is absurd

Sam is getting married
How could this even be true
Yet walking down the aisle
Was a woman that Sam hardly knew

A veil covered her face
Slowly towards her groom she walks
When Sam lifted the bride’s veil
And Dean saw it was Becky Rosen
He couldn’t even talk

How could Sam have even chosen
Super obsessed fan Becky Rosen
Surely something supernatural must be at play
If Sam wanted Becky as his wife this day

Sam assures his brother
That with Becky he had done all the required tests
After talking with her and getting to know her
His heart knew what was best

Becky echoed
That she’s not a siren or witch you see
She and Sam are in love
And they are very happy

Later when Becky goes to RSVP for her high school reunion
She learns revenge is sweet
When a high school bully is shocked to meet
Becky’s husband Sam who is her plus one
Having Sam Winchester to show a nemesis
Must be great fun

But the supernatural is at work
It is revealed
There are many “accidents”
Looks like crossroad deals

Dean is working with a “temp” hunter named Garth
A fun loving fellow it is true
But don’t underestimate Garth’s ability
To piece together the clues

Becky has a love potion from a Wiccan
Is how Becky captured Sam’s heart
But turns out the Wiccan is really a crossroads demon
Whose colleague kills before the ten year contracts come due
What a deadly art

The love potion is wearing off fast
Becky needs to find a way
To make Sam’s devotion last

When the last of the love potion is gone
And Becky needs more
She has no idea
What is soon in store

Becky has taken Sam to a cabin
Where in a bed she has Sam hog tied
Through a small crevice
Sam was able to spy
Becky talking to Guy the crossroads demon he found
Sam warns Becky that Guy is behind the deaths in town

Later it seems that Becky has accepted Guy’s deal
To have Sam’s love for years
But in truth Becky has tricked Guy
Surprisingly showing little fear

Crowley is very angry
That Guy has cheated with the ten year deal
This gives Hell a bad name
Crowley will make an example of Guy
All the same

Sam’s marriage to Becky is annulled
Is Garth a new Winchester friend
A short time later
Sam and Dean are back on the road in the end