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Supernatural episode Plucky Penny Whistle’s Magical Menagerie in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

An octovampire and a unicorn
A child’s nightmare comes alive
And Sam Winchester must face his fear of clowns
If he is to survive

At Plucky Penny Whistle’s Magical Menagerie
Children are supposed to draw their fears
For them to magically fade away
But somehow these fears are becoming real
With deadly consequences this day

Sam plays bad cop
Perhaps a Plucky employee is causing harm so he queries
The Winchesters chase and question one employee
To come up with a theory

Sam will follow Tyler’s mom
Against a seven foot robot that shoots
Laser beams out of its eyes
If this figment of Tyler’s imagination came true
It would be quite a scary surprise

Dean goes to the sub basement
Plucky employee Howard is there
For Howard has stolen Sam’s fake FBI business card
And with a spell he conjures several clowns for whom Sam is scared

Howard has killed the parents
Telling Dean that they didn’t put the children first
A sketch and a picture on the wall give Dean a clue
Howard’s brother died and guilt is what Howard knew

Dean burns the Plucky clown doll
And the sketch too
Howard’s dead brother appears
Then vengeance is what comes do

In the end Howard dies
And the maniacal clowns fighting Sam disappear
Is Sam Winchester over his aversion to clowns
Now that he’s faced his childhood fear