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Supernatural episode The Slice Girls in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The Winchesters investigate a case
The victims lose their hands and feet
And a strange symbol is carved on the victims’ chests
Perhaps expert help is what works best

Dean goes to the Cobalt Room
An investment banker is what he pretends
A lie he tells Lydia
His new hookup friend

The brothers meet Dr. Morrison
An expert he may be
But they still are settling
For this man is no Bobby

Dean realizes
Bobby’s flask he left behind
It’s off to Lydia’s place
As the flask he needs to find

Dean is shocked
For at Lydia’s house he spies
A little girl named Emma
She was first a baby but has rapidly grown
Right before his eyes

The Amazons are Dr. Morrison’s theory
A society where to the women
They find men of no use
Except for procreation
Then the men are killed without excuse

Baby Emma then a child
Now she is a teen
Taught the Amazon rituals
And later sent to kill her father Dean

Emma may be a monster
But she’s still his daughter without a doubt
Dean seems reluctant to hurt her
Yet Sam shoots her taking her out