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Supernatural episode Time After Time in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Sheriff Jody Mills
Calls The Winchesters with case
A body has turned up mummified
For this is the kind of thing that hunters chase

To Canton, Ohio
Sam and Dean go
To talk to a witness
With information he needs for them to know

A stranger in a fedora
And a flash of red light
His roommate Durbin’s skin looked like a raisin
The stranger disappeared from sight

These weird mummified bodies
Are showing up all over town
There is definitely no doubt
A supernatural menace is lurking around

The Winchesters are on a stake out
Strange fedora guy appears but what is he to do
When Dean gives chase and there’s a flash of red light
Dean is now in 1942

The police are skeptical
Thinking that Dean is a spy
For Dean’s fake badge has a date from the future
Is the reason why

Being arrested in 1942
Certainly is a mess
But Dean gets a shock
When he comes face to face with Elliott Ness

Another surprise that Dean finds
Ness is a hunter too
Dean Winchester and his idol will work the case
Piecing together the supernatural clues

Meanwhile Sam has help to locate Dean
Jody is on the case
To get Dean back from the past
Against the clock they’ll race

Going through the lore
Sam and Jody discover the God of Time and his special ring
Chronos is dangerous
What other trouble will this god bring

There is a woman named Lila Taylor
Who is Chronos’ love from the past
Chronos constantly jumps through portals of time
To make his moments with Lila last

A clothing shop owner named Ezra Moore
The female Bobby Singer is she
Putting together research and getting the stake to kill Chronos
A great help she turns out to be

Even in 1942 Dean plants a letter for Sam
And a thought comes to Sam’s mind
Now that they have the date Chronos brought Dean to the past
The exact time is what they must find

Sam and Jody locate Lila
The old lady gives a valuable clue
To her Chronos was a lost love named Ethan
The time in 1942 she knows

Sam and Jody mix ingredients
Not a moment to spare
Before Chronos can kill Dean
Dean returns to the present
And Sam stabs Chronos with the stake
Killing Chronos who is standing there