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If I follow the path, an #AlwaysKeepFighting poem for Jared Padalecki by Tracy Diane Miller

If I follow the path
Despite the darkness I see
I will journey on the road
Towards loving me

I am tired
I want to rest
Yet learning to love me first
Is a worthy quest

I may smile
To mask my tears
But I live
With constant fear

If I follow the path
Towards loving me first
If I drink from compassion
I will no longer thirst

When you see me
Will you pass me by
But I will smile
Even when I want to cry

If I follow the path
To end my pain
To see my life
With all that I’ve gained

A poem I write
To record my emotion
To learn to love me first
Takes heartfelt devotion

A child is born
Without regret
That is something
We often forget

If I follow the path
If I let my heart offer the lighting
If I learn to love me first
I will Always Keep Fighting