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Supernatural episode Repo Man in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Four years ago
The Winchesters sought intel
From a demon
Who they thought knew Lilith well

With the help of Nora Havelock
A Wiccan who knew supernatural spells
The Winchesters found a demon
To interrogate as well

The man named Jeffrey who the demon possessed
Came out for the Winchesters to meet
Sadly to get the information they need
Jeffrey they savagely beat

Back in the present time
Sam finds it hard
To fight his hallucinations
Lucifer’s sadistic calling card

There is also evidence
That the demon from four years ago is back
Has returned and is killing women
With a sinister knack

Jeffrey lives in a group home
The Winchesters come to him for clues
Since the demon possessed the ex postal worker
Maybe there’s something he knew

Sam goes to the library
Lucifer comes along
Having the Devil as your co pilot even if in your mind
Definitely is wrong

Sam is doing surveillance of a potential victim
But Lucifer wants to engage
Once Sam talks to Lucifer
The hunter enters a new stage

For mild mannered Jeffrey
Is not so nice so it seems
Jeffrey sets a trap
To incapacitate Dean

Dog’s blood and the blood of the hunter
Is part of Jeffrey’s spell
To reunite himself with the demon
The love of his life he said as well

Meanwhile Sam is putting clues together
To find Dean is his desire
Reluctantly Sam is talking to Lucifer
Is he playing with fire

Lucifer tells Sam
To piece together the clues
While going through the things in Jeffrey’s place
Sam recognizes an exorcism in handwriting that he knew

Sam goes to Nora
For the handwriting was hers he knew
But why she would help a demon
Sam doesn’t have a clue

Nora tells Sam
That Jeffrey kidnapped her son
He wanted her to summon the demon as well
His goal to reunite with the demon
Could be done with the help with a spell

Nora’s kidnapped son
Is possessed by the demon and sporting black eyes
The demon doesn’t want to reunite with Jeffrey
Which to Jeffery comes as a surprise

In the end
Nora does an exorcism using her skill
The exorcism saves Nora’s son
And by Dean the demented Jeffrey is killed