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Supernatural episode Of Grave Importance in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

A hunter named Annie
On a supernatural case in the Van Ness House
A place where many ghosts dwell
Sadly this hunt is her last
As Annie is killed as well

The next morning at the Crow’s Nest Inn
For Annie the Winchesters wait
Sam and Dean seem surprised
As Annie isn’t usually late

The brothers share stories of Annie
Secrets long concealed
Annie had a fox hole Hemingway kind of thing
With both Bobby and Dean
And a soul less Sam it is revealed

Back at their motel
A ghostly Bobby keeps giving the boys clue
But the Winchesters are oblivious to his presence
If they only knew

It seems Bobby’s flask
Helps his spirit travel around
Soon it’s off to the Van Ness House
Where clues to Annie’s disappearance may be found

In the Van Ness House
A ghostly Bobby sees
Annie is also trapped in the house
A spirit now is she

The Van Ness House is so haunted
Countless spirits are around who roam
In various stages of madness
In this place they now call their home

Haskel Crane
A ghost since 1932
Gives Annie and Bobby ghost lessons 101
How to move objects is something Haskel knew

Victoria Dobbs
A fancy lady or hooker
Needs Annie’s help she did say
A message that she left on Annie’s voicemail
Was what Victoria tried to convey

Victoria warns Annie and Bobby
That Van Ness’s ghost they must not defy
For Van Ness will steal their ghostly energy
Which for ghost is a painful way to die

Dexter was a man
The murder of Van Ness’ fiance linked to Dexter’s name
But Dexter was innocent
Van Ness was the murderer all the same

Dexter’s ghost is trapped in the Van Ness house
People he tried to warn
But Vann Ness kills Dexter’s ghost
When Dexter’s energy by Van Ness’ spirit is torn

At Annie’s insistence
Victoria appears before Sam and Dean
To tell them of Annie’s fate and Van Ness’ sinister plan
Sadly Victoria’s ghost is killed by Van Ness’ menacing hand

Off to the cemetery
The Winchesters will burn Van Ness’ remains you see
Van Ness does follow them
By planting on them a key

When Van Ness attacks the Winchesters
Dean shoots the key
Van Ness is sent back to the house
Draining Bobby’s spirit of its energy

The Winchesters succeed
Destroying Van Ness’ remains
They finally can see Bobby
And a hunter’s funeral is what Annie’s ghost gains

In the end Bobby’s ghost
Wants to continue to hunt it’s true
But will Bobby become a vengeful spirit
Like all the others the Winchesters knew