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Supernatural episode Party On, Garth in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In the woods
Teen campers we see
Telling ghost stories
About Jenny Greentree

A young man plays a joke
Inebriated his condition
He looks on in horror
Was it a terrifying vision

Whatever horror that is there
He can only see
We don’t know why
A short time later
The young man dies

Garth as a cop
Two witnesses he has questions to ask
When they tell him about Jenny Greentree
Off to the cemetery to burn her bones
Is a hunter’s task

But burning Jenny’s bones
Is not enough
Looks like this supernatural case
Is going to be tough

Assistance from other hunters
This may mean
So Garth calls in
Sam and Dean

Piecing together the clues
The three hunters go
To a brewery
What facts will they know

Thigh slapper ale
What a unique name
The brew master is a genius
In the alcoholic beverage field
He has media fame

When another killing occurs
And from a source the hunters learn
They’re fighting a spirit
You can only see when
Drunkenness you earn

The shojo
A drunken booze spirit
An angry Thigh slapper ale co owner had on a leash
The killings of his partners’ loved ones
Was his revenge to teach

When Dean’s EMF reader
Seems to show spirit activity is near
Garth thinks Bobby is haunting the Winchesters
Is Bobby Singer’s ghost here

Later to the brewery
The hunters race
For the shojo has another killing
In which to embrace

Both Garth and Sam are drunk
The shojo within their sight
But they are knocked out
So it’s up to Dean for the shojo
He will fight

When the sword that Dean is using to fight the shojo is knocked away
But an unexplained force pushes the sword back into Dean’s hand
So he is able to kill the shojo
And save the day

In the Winchester’s motel room
The brothers can’t see
For standing there
Is the ghost of Bobby