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Supernatural episode The Girl in the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

A Dick Roman computer tech named Charlie Bradbury
Was “walking on sunshine” this day
But little did she know
Her joy would soon be taken away

Her boss Dick Roman gives her an assignment
To decipher Frank Devereaux’s hard drive
Charlie Bradbury learns about the Leviathans
And working with the Winchesters
Will she survive

Bobby is a vengeful spirit
Using his ghostly skill
With the help of his flask placed in Charlie’s bag
Will Bobby go to Roman Enterprises so Dick he can kill

The Winchesters are parked outside in a van
With computer surveillance
And a mic to talk to Charlie about the plan
When Charlie gets nervous
Dean lends her a helping hand

There is something coming into an airport
Something that the Leviathans will bring to Dick
The Winchesters need to find out what it is
And to intercept it really quick

Charlie has copied what she downloaded
From the building she tries to run
But Dick Roman has the place on lockdown
The danger has begun

Bobby faces Dick Roman
The hunter vengeful ghost will bring Dick harm
But in the angry chaos
Bobby accidentally breaks Charlie’s arm

The Winchesters and Charlie
Escape Dick Roman this day
Yet Bobby is becoming more and more a vengeful spirit
His anger a terror to behold
What if Bobby goes completely off the rails
What tragedy might unfold