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Supernatural episode Survival of the Fittest in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The King of Hell and The Leviathan leader
Engage in a waltz of wills
Watching them negotiate
May be humorous but it also takes some skill

Dick Roman will give Crowley
Control of Canada for all demon kind
But America is for the Leviathans
For according to Dick Roman
Fatty humans are hard to find

Roman wants Crowley to agree
That the Winchesters are who The King of Hell will betray
By giving the brothers
The blood of some no name demon in New Jersey
And letting them believe that Crowley’s blood has come their way

Bobby is possessing a maid
And angrier when he sees
A report about Dick Roman
On the tv

The Winchesters are searching
For a righteous bone for the spell they need
A crucial ingredient
If the weapon to kill Dick Roman will succeed

Cut off the head and the body will flounder
Is how the Leviathans will be killed
But to defeat the earliest monsters
Hopefully the weapon will provide the special skill

The Leviathan Dick Roman
Has plans for the real Dick Roman’s arm
To clone multiple Dick Romans
Will confuse the Winchesters
And protect the Leviathan leader from harm

The Winchesters initial plan
Doesn’t turn out well
Seeing many Dick Romans
The real Leviathan Dick Roman
They certainly can’t tell

Sam sees the hotel maid
And knows Bobby is inside
An angry Bobby strangled Sam
Sam almost died

Later the Winchesters make the difficult decision
On this night
To burn the flask
And hopefully send Bobby into the light

Kevin is still a captive
At Roman Enterprises
But to escape he will find a way
For the newest prophet
Must save himself some way

The Winchesters summon Crowley
The King of Hell at first doesn’t appear
But when Meg and Castiel are in the room
Soon Crowley is standing there

Crowley is surprised to see Castiel alive
Meg is who the King of Hell wants to kill
But he does tell the Winchesters to fight the Leviathans
They will want to use Castiel’s free will

Later Dean asks Castiel
From the hiding place
The Impala they need to retrieve
For Dean has a plan
A way to trick the Leviathans he has conceived

The Impala crashes through Roman Enterprises
Meg is who the Leviathans shot
When Meg is taken by Crowley’s men
By the Winchesters she is soon forgot

Sam to rescue Kevin
And Dean and Castiel face Dick
After a brief effort
Dick Roman is killed by the weapon
Then explodes very quick

Dean and Castiel disappear
Crowley seizes Kevin
You are truly and utterly on your own
Crowley said to Sam
Will this be Sam’s life story
Because now Dean and Castiel
Are trapped in Purgatory