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Supernatural episode There Will Be Blood in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Kevin Tran has been kidnapped by Dick Roman
To translate the tablet his job to do
But what the Leviathans have in store for the tablet
At this point we have no clue

Dick Roman has acquired SucroCorp
With the addictive in the food you will find
The humans who eat it seem stoned
A detriment to their minds

Bobby appears to Dean
He has ideas to fight the Leviathans it’s true
The angel blood they have
The father of fallen humanity is Crowley
So the King of Hell’s help will come due

The Winchesters already have Castiel’s blood
Crowley’s blood they need
Crowley won’t give up his blood first
He tells the Winchesters that the Alpha Vamp is alive
So getting this monster’s blood would help them to succeed

The Winchesters meet Emily
A girl kidnapped by the vampires long ago
Emily has information to help the boys
To find the Alpha Vamp she tells them so

There is another twist
Vampires are poisoned and don’t survive
The Leviathans will control the human food supply
By killing their monster competition is how they will thrive

Worried that as a vengeful spirit
The Winchesters won’t take Bobby on this fight
So they put Bobby’s flask in the motel safe
Locking it away from sight

Bobby is very angry
You can’t keep a good ghost down
Bobby figures out the safe combination
And then possesses a maid so he can get around

When the Winchesters find the Alpha Vamp
He dismisses their words
Yet talking to Edgar
The Alpha Vampire knows the Leviathans plan to kill the vampire kind
For there was truth in what the Winchesters said that he heard

Edgar and the Alpha Vamp
Engage in a deadly fight
Later Sam was able to subdue Edgar
By cutting off his head this night

Returning to the motel
The Winchesters discover that Bobby can’t be found
And Dick Roman wants to talk with Crowley
So he traps him in a devil’s trap to keep the King of Hell around