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Supernatural episode We Need To Talk About Kevin in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In the woods
Where campers are at night
There is a strange sound
Then a flash of light

A young couple are confronted
By a man with a gun
The man is Dean Winchester
And his escape from Purgatory to come back home
Has finally been won

Dean is hitchhiking
To Louisiana he goes
There over a grave Dean stands
The deceased he seems to know

Dean’s glowing arm
Illuminates the night
A short time later
There’s a man standing in sight

The man is impatient
His time in Purgatory finally at an end
He reveals his fangs
It seems Dean has a vampire friend

Meanwhile in Kermit, Texas
The normalcy Sam found
With a girlfriend
And a dog around

Yet Sam packs his bag
Away he goes
To reunite with his brother
The family he knows

When Sam enters the cabin
By Dean he is attacked
Always prepared
Dean has the knack

Holy water and silver cuts to the arm
Are the hunter tests
As any hunter knows
Caution works best

Once Dean proves that
Neither Sam nor he
Are monsters
A brotherly hug
Is meant to be

Dean had called
All of Sam’s phone numbers
A surprise in store
When Sam announced
I don’t hunt anymore

Dean was missing for a year
But Sam didn’t look for him
Was difficult for Dean to hear

Kevin Tran had called
He escaped from Crowley
There were demons on his trail
But somehow Kevin was safe
On his own Kevin prevailed

Sam admits to Dean
The non hunting life for him was a happy world
Sam gave his heart to Ameila
He enjoyed a normal life and a girl

Now back with Dean
Kevin the Winchesters will find
But can Sam get Ameila
Out of his heart and his mind

To locate Kevin
The Winchesters piece together clues
Then it’s off to see Channing
The girl that Kevin knew

Yet when the brothers talk to Channing
She says that Kevin she now hates
And later a possessed Channing
Kills her roommate

With demonic black eyes
Channing tells her boss
That Dean is alive
And that the prophet Kevin
Has also survived

The Winchesters find Kevin
And Crowley does as well
They escape the demons
Yet after translating the tablet
Kevin tells the Winchesters
There’s a way to close the Gates of Hell