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Supernatural episode Blood Brother in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

While Dean helps Benny settle a score
With his former vampire nest
Sam recalls his time with Ameila
His memories served him best

Quentin and Sorrento
The vampire rivals Benny fought
Benny told Dean about the vampire pirates
A colorful history taught

The Lucky Myra
A yacht from where vampires stole and victims killed
Once Benny was a vampire pirate
Who showed great promise and skill

But all that changed when Benny met Andrea
An heiress to whom his heart he gave
Defying the vampire orders
Meant punishment was grave

Benny was decapitated
He believed death was what Andrea has also earned
But Benny was sad to learn
That Andrea was now a vampire
She too has been turned

Meanwhile searching for clues
On the whereabouts of Kevin
Sam thinks of Ameila
Their earliest interactions
Weren’t a match made in heaven

Sam worked as a handyman at a motel
Fixing Ameila’s sink
When Ameila saw Sam
Worst impressions she thinks

Later Ameila and Sam
Talk about their past
A bond begins
Their future will not last

Memories of Purgatory
Are still on Dean’s mind
A time when Dean, Benny and Castiel
Had a portal to find

In the present
Benny is caught
Yet Andrea has a plan
For Benny to kill their maker
A weapon she puts in his hand

Benny does kill their maker
The old man is the name for the maker
That Benny gives
Andrea’s fate is also sealed
Dean doesn’t let her live

Later Sam meets Benny
A handshake so cold
The younger Winchester realizes Benny is a vampire
A truth to behold