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Supernatural episode A Little Slice of Kevin in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

At a preschool
Outside there is a violent storm
Later when a child turns up missing
What evil has taken form

Kevin and Mrs. Tran are on the run
Ahead of demons on their trail
Mrs. Tran has contacted a witch
To get the ingredients they need to make demon bombs
A way for them to prevail

Everywhere Dean looks
It seems Castiel appears before his eyes
When the Winchesters learn that Castiel made it out of Purgatory
That comes as a very big surprise

Delta Mendota takes her witch business seriously
Is what she says
But should the Trans really trust her
For would duplicity from Delta lie ahead

Meanwhile Crowley has kidnapped people
For the tablet he needs for them to read
It isn’t long before Crowley realizes
To have Kevin translate the tablet is the only way to succeed

Crowley was able to find the Trans
Because of Delta as the Trans she did betray
For Delta wanted to get into Crowley’s good graces
Is what her actions seem to say

Now as Crowley’s captive
Torture is Kevin’s fate
Crowley cuts off Kevin’s finger
To force Kevin to translate the tablet
As an impatient Crowley doesn’t like to wait

The Winchesters bring along Castiel
Later Kevin they find
Yet something odd happened to Castiel
In a flash he is in Heaven and he meets
An angel named Naomi who controls his mind