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Supernatural episode Citizen Fang in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Louisiana
Benny has come home
Working in a diner under the name Roy
Benny no longer needs to roam

Sadly there are killings
Looks like vampires are to blame
Now on the hunters radar
Soon a cat and mouse game

Martin Cresser is no longer in a mental hospital
No longer actively hunting but only providing intel
When Martin trails Benny
A body is what Martin found as well

Sam asked Martin to watch Benny
So intel is what Martin did provide
For the killings in Louisiana
Was Benny’s vampire urges something he couldn’t hide

Martin is shocked to realize
That Benny is Dean’s vampire friend
For Martin sees Benny as a deadly threat
Who must be eliminated in the end

Sam gives Dean a little time
To prove that Benny did not kill
In order to help Benny
Will take some skill

Dean had learned from Benny
That a rogue vampire was the killer
To force Benny to join his nest
So Dean and Benny hunt the vampire
Doing their very best

Later even Sam is weary
About Dean giving Benny the benefit of the doubt
And Martin is so impatient
That he knocks Dean out

When Dean wakes
He is handcuffed is what he sees
But the ever resourceful hunter
Finds a way to break free

Sam and Martin
Look for Benny this night
Until Dean fakes an urgent text from Ameila
Then Sam goes to save Ameila
Abandoning Martin as he takes flight

It doesn’t matter to Martin
That Dean told him that the murders Benny didn’t do
Martin confronts Benny
Martin is in over his head
But Martin hasn’t a clue

When Sam reaches Texas
He looks through Ameila’s window
Like a prowler in the night
Sam sees Ameila with Don
Such a domestic sight

Martin takes Elizabeth hostage
Benny’s great grand daughter is a pawn
For Elizabeth’s safety Benny is afraid
Benny will sacrifice himself
He may lose his head

Sam is drowning his sorrows in a bar
When Dean calls
Dean tells Sam
Somehow Martin was a casualty after all

Angry that Dean tricked him
And to Texas he had raced
Sam is shocked
When at the bar
He and Ameila come face to face