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Supernatural episode Hunter Heroici in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

When a man’s heart jumps out of his chest
Another man floats from a building in midair
Before he falls below and dies
These bizarre deaths seem to follow cartoon rules
By what is the reason why

When anvils fall from the sky
To land where x marks the spot
And an annoyed cat calls Castiel a dumbass
Could there be clues in their dad’s journal
That Sam and Dean forgot

When new hunter Castiel joins the Winchesters
To piece together clues
Sam sees a picture of Fred Jones at the retirement home
Fred Jones is a psychokinetic man
That John Winchester knew

While working this case
Memories of Amelia flood Sam’s mind
Amelia’s father Stan didn’t like Sam
And a shock was Ameila’s husband Don was alive
They come to find

It is also revealed
That Fred is shaping reality with a thought
Dr. Mahoney is stealing from patients
He is the villain who must be caught

While Dean confronts Dr. Mahoney at the bank
Castiel transports himself and Sam inside Fred’s mind
Maybe if Sam can convince Fred not to live in a cartoon world
There will be no more tragic deaths in this town to find

Now Sam, Fred and Castiel are at the bank
To stop Dr. Mahoney takes Fred’s special skill
To end Dr. Mahoney’s reign of terror
The doctor was killed

Fred agrees to lose his powers
Despite the risk to his mind
Later back in the retirement home
A calm looks like Fred did find