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Supernatural episode As Time Goes By in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In 1958 in Normal, Illinois
Henry Winchester gets ready to leave
Waking his young son John before he departs is why
Henry doesn’t tell John about his “job”
But before he leaves
Henry turns on the music box to play “As Time Goes By”

Arriving at his destination
His friend Josie is who Henry meets
For both are members of a secret society
An initiation of sorts they greet

A man wearing a robe
Takes Josie into a room
For all are unaware of
The impending doom

There is a scream and Henry races in
To see that murder can be found
For Josie is possessed by the demon Abbadon
Several victims are dead on the ground

Yet one man is not dead
A mysterious box to Henry he gives
Henry Winchester runs away to another room
Chanting a spell to escape so that he may live

Abandon is in hot pursuit
Still Henry chants and a sigil he drew
A time portal finally opens
And out jumps Henry through a motel closet
Who this man is
Sam and Dean have no clue

Which one of you is John Winchester
A question that Henry asks
Sam and Dean interrogate the stranger for information
Not so easy a task

A short while later
Abandon appears as well
Dean stabs her with the demon knife
But it does little damage from what the brothers can tell

The three Winchester men flee
Abbadon is close behind
She breathes her black demon smoke into a motel employee
To see what he has seen
This way the Winchesters she can find

Meanwhile the stranger’s identity
Sam and Dean learn
The man is their grandfather Henry Winchester
For Dean trusting his grandfather will not be earned

Dean reminds Sam
That Henry Winchester abandoned John
Which is why John hated his father is true
But Sam feels that Henry traveled to the future and couldn’t return home
Something John never knew

From Henry
Sam and Dean learn about the Knights of Hell
Who were handpicked by Lucifer
And that the Winchesters were Men of Letters too
Being legacies is their birthright
After some computer research
They go to dig up Albertus Magnus grave
To find even more clues

Henry wants to go back to 1958
To stop Abbadon before tragedy can start
Ingredients like the sands of time and an angel feather
Are needed for Henry to depart

While Dean plans to stop Henry
To Larry Ganem is who Sam goes to see
The blind elderly man survived the Men of Letters massacre in 1958
Ganem tells Sam about the box with a key

The key unlocks a wealth of information
The motherload is what Ganem said
Abbadon possessed Ganem’s wife
She kills Ganem and Sam should be afraid

Abbadon calls Dean
Sam’s life in exchange for the key
But Dean and Henry have a plan
Ingenious as you will see

A devil’s trap carved in a bullet
Henry gets close to Abbadon
And shoots her underneath her chin
The victory is bittersweet
As Abbadon killed Henry
You can’t call this a win

Dean cuts off Abbadon’s head
To bury is his plan
And later the Winchesters dig a grave for Henry
Why Heaven wanted the brainy Winchesters and the brawny Campbells together
The brothers now understand

The Winchesters will take the key
To unearth the information
That caused so many to die
For now that Sam and Dean are legacies
They won’t sit and watch as time goes by