Supernatural episode LARP and The Real Girl in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

When two LARPs end up dead
The Winchesters are on the case
Investigating the deaths of Live Action Role Players
Did the supernatural chase

A strange tattoo
Like a tree on the victims’ arms
This game Moondoor
Has caused great harm

Charlie Bradbury is the Queen of Moons
After helping the Winchesters with the Leviathans
Seeing Sam and Dean after a year
Still seems too soon

Am I a monster magnet
Charlie wants to know
While she may want to leave her “kingdom”
As The Queen of Moons she won’t go

Research in Moondoor
A “tech tent” is what Sam finds
Dean and Charlie are doing their own investigation
For the disasters to befall Moondoor
Are the Shadow Orcs behind

In the woods
A hooded figure kidnaps Charlie
This figure turns out to be Gilda
An enchanted forest fairy

From Ebay
Boltar got a book of spells
Is what he told
To win at Moondoor
Gilda was forced to do his bidding
The killings unfold

In the end
It is Charlie who destroys the spell book
And saves the day
Later the Battle of Kingdoms occurs
Even the Winchesters become LARPers who play