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Supernatural episode Everybody Hates Hitler in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Lebanon, Kansas
Armed with the mysterious key
Sam and Dean are in awe
At the wonder the Men of Letters bunker
Turned out to be

Running water and electricity
And books to understand the supernatural galore
All the information
For the newest Men of Letters to adore

Pouring through the files
Sam finds information
Regarding the Thule Society
Whose nefarious activities for decades concealed

A rabbi named Isaac Bass
Recently died when he was consumed by fire
Perhaps it was something supernatural
With a deadly desire

When Dean was asking questions of some college students under the FBI guise
But Dean is left speechless and caught by surprise
From what Dean can tell
Was the man following and staring at him
Seeking a love connection as well

Meanwhile at the library
Sam has his own quest
Looking for Rabbi Bass’ research
Where some clues might rest

Later the Winchesters are shocked
When a huge man attacks handling them with ease
They learn from Aaron Bass
That this huge man is a golem
Built to please

In the golem’s mind
Anyone considered a threat
Faces the golem’s wrath
That’s a bet

Aaron is the rabbi’s grandson
He’s a free spirit who rejected
Much of the rabbi’s ideals
Receiving a golem was a very big deal

But Aaron didn’t  understand
How to take control of the golem
There are implications
Of not taking control of the golem
Seem to unfold

The Thule Society
Nazi necromancers have a World War II past
Where members die are brought back to life
Evil to last

A red ledger
That Rabbi Bass tried to keep out of Nazi hands
Now the Winchesters have the ledger
To keep from the Thules necromancer they try to do
But they’re held captive along with Aaron
How will they make it through

To take control of the golem
Is to write one’s name on a scroll
Something Aaron failed to do
Unfortunately this fact is something
Aaron never knew

After some hairy moments
The Nazi necromancers
They are able to defeat
For the Winchesters
So much uncovered splendor
In the Men of Letters bunker to greet