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Supernatural episode Man’s Best Friend With Benefits in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

A cop named James Frampton
Awakes from a nightmare in a cold sweat
Has he committed a murder
Was this nightmare what his guilt sent

In a trash basket
A gruesome sight was around
A shirt drenched in blood
Is what James found

Meanwhile back at the motel
While Dean is on an errand
A dog comes to the Winchesters’ door
Later when the dog changes into a woman
For the Winchesters what does she have in store

The woman’s name is Portia
A familiar she turns out to be
James Frampton is who she serves
The Winchesters’ help Portia needs you see

James is a witch
Who saved the Winchesters in the past
Now to help James
To learn the truth fast

A community of witches
Portia introduces Dean as a Wiccan from Detroit
As Dean will pretend
The Winchesters work to discover clues
Whatever they can do to help James in the end

The witches have turned against James
And cop at work accuses him of crime
The Winchesters race to save James
Will they have the time

In the end
Despite their efforts James’ innocence isn’t proven
Treachery against James was found
So James and Portia leave
To start life over in a new town