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Supernatural episode Trial and Error in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Kevin has been working hard to translate the tablet
A poor diet and limited rest
But his hard work has paid off
For the information he uncovered is the best

Kevin has great news
The Winchesters he tells
For there are three trials
To close the gates of Hell

Trial one is to kill a hellhound
And to bathe in its blood
Isn’t an easy task
The Winchesters must find someone
Who sold his soul ten years ago
When a crossroad deal was asked

The Winchesters find the Cassitys
The research reveals
They were small time farmers who struck oil on formerly dry land
Did a crossroad demon lend a hand

Arriving at the Cassitys farm
The Winchesters meet Ellie
Who runs the farm it appears to be
The brothers are hired as workers
Which will make it easier for them
To see what they can see

Carl is a Cassity spouse
It was he who made the initial deal
When he is killed by a hellhound
His secret is revealed

Carl made a deal
For the love of his wife
Sadly this romance
Cost him his life

Youngest Cassity sister Margie
Also made a deal
The Winchesters knew was true
Sadly hellhounds came
To collect her soul too

Meanwhile Kevin calls
With a way for hellhounds
The Winchesters to see
Glasses washed in holy oil
Is the way to be

For Sam
It came as a shock
That Crowley was the crossroads demon
Who had put the Cassitys on the clock

Dean will make the sacrifice
This trial he will do
He wants to keep Sam safe without a doubt
From hellhounds lurking about

Ellie had made a deal
To save her sick mother
A hellhound comes to collect her soul
As hellhounds had come for the others

Dean sees the hellhound
And he’s prepared to fight
When Dean is hurt
It is Sam who kills the hellhound
To complete the trial this night