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Supernatural episode Goodbye Stranger in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The Winchesters investigate a case
Of weird deaths in a Missouri town
Where demons are involved
And Lucifer’s crypts might be found

A man tells the boys
His wife was digging
And saving bags of dirt but he didn’t know what to do
The man tells them that his wife didn’t act like herself
And her eyes turned black too

The Winchesters go to a woman
Who was trying to recreate a map of the town
Then her doorbell rings
She opens the door where demons are found

The Winchesters fight the demons
But Castiel appears to save them
As black smoke does flee
Inside the woman it is clear to see

Before the demon possessed woman
Can give information the Winchesters need to know
On Naomi’s orders Castiel kills the woman
And off to a hotel where the demon said a hostage was held
Is where Castiel goes

The hostage is Meg
Torture has been her fate
The Winchesters get intel from her
Not a moment to wait

Meg knew about Lucifer’s crypts
Back in the day
Soon the group is off
But what challenges are headed their way

Sam goes with Meg
Castiel is with Dean
A short time later
Dean and Castiel find the angel tablet
Yet a change in Castiel is seen

Naomi is controlling Castiel
The angel tablet Castiel will guard
Having your angelic friend betray you
And beat you up
For Dean to deal with is hard

Finally from Naomi’s control
Castiel breaks free
Only to seize the tablet
Before he flees

Meanwhile Crowley appears
And with Meg
The King of Hell fights
Killing her on this night

On a bus
With the angel tablet to hold
Castiel departs
A mystery to behold