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Supernatural episode Freaks and Geeks in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

On a surveillance camera
Dean is surprised to see
That Krissy Chambers is a teen hunter
Why she is hunting
Remains a mystery

The Winchesters learn from Krissy
That her hunter father is dead
Revenge is her motive for hunting monsters
Krissy seems not afraid

With Josephine and Aidan
Two other teens
Hunting is their way of life
Sadly it seems

A hunter named Victor Rodgers
Took the trio in
After the monsters killed their parents
Victor gave the hunting life a positive spin

Krissy, Josephine and Aidan
With natural talents so great
For this superstar generation
No need to wait

Josephine beheaded a vampire
But something doesn’t seem right
For there is a blue van outside
Lurking at night

Freshly made vampires
The clues begin to show
These vampires are not responsible for the killings
But the teens don’t know

A wendigo killed Victor’s family
While he continued to mourn
His mission to create the young hunters
Was probably born

Victor was working with the vampire in the blue van
To kill the teens’ families
To spark their rage
And so the hunter lifestyle they would engage

In the end
Victor took his own life with a gun
But for Krissy, Josephine and Aidan
Justice in its own way was won