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Supernatural episode Pac-Man Fever in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Charlie Bradbury
The Queen of Moondoor who the Winchesters adore
Is now an amateur hunter
But does she know what is in store

From the research
A djinn is the supernatural to chase
But this variety of djinn is different
Fear is what it will embrace

To feed on a victim’s fear
To place the victim in a dream like state
Where the victim will ultimately die
No time for the Winchesters to wait

Charlie is a djinn victim
In her dream Soviet vampire monsters
She fights this day
Dean has entered her dream
To save her the Winchester way

Meanwhile Sam fights the dead djinn’s son
But the younger Winchester is dealing with
The effects of the trials
Can this battle be won

Charlie’s parents were hit by a drunken driver
Her mother Gertrude is in a coma
For Charlie losing her mother is her fear
But she makes the painful decision to let her mother go
Allowing her fear to disappear

In the end
The Winchesters and Charlie
Succeed in defeating the djinn
Yet Sam has an uphill fight
With the trials to close the gates of Hell
One he is determined to win