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Supernatural episode Taxi Driver in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The second trial is revealed
By hardworking prophet Kevin
For the second trial is to rescue a soul from Hell
And return it to Heaven

From a rogue reaper named Ajay
The Winchesters learn
That Crowley has Bobby in Hell
No paradise for Bobby Singer was earned

Ajay is a taxi driver
To Hell to rescue Bobby
Without Dean
Sam will go
But there will be some challenges
That Sam will soon know

Yet unbeknownst to the Winchesters
In the shadows someone hears as well
So Crowley will find out about Sam’s trip to Hell
This stranger will tell

Sam is later dismayed
When Ajay takes Sam to Purgatory
Which is adjacent to Hell
But Ajay tells Sam how to follow a path
To get to Hell as well

When Sam gets to Hell
Tortured souls he sees
Sam is punched by Bobby
Who thinks that Sam is a demonic illusion to be

Hell is full of illusions
To mess with your mind
When Bobby sees two Sam Winchesters
The real Sam he finds

Crowley goes to Ajay
And the King of Hell
Kills the taxi driver this day
For helping a Winchester
Is not the demonic way

When Sam and Bobby get to Purgatory
Above the ground
They soon learn
The taxi driver can’t be found

Meanwhile on Garth’s houseboat
Naomi appears
To tell Dean that Sam is in Purgatory
Igniting Dean’s fear

Dean contacts Benny
With a huge favor to ask
For Benny has access to Purgatory
But will he be up to the task

Dean beheaded Benny
In Purgatory is where Benny is now
Benny can get Bobby and Sam out
Through the portal is how

The portal
Sam, Bobby and Benny find
Yet Benny fights vampires
In Purgatory is where Benny will stay
He has made up his mind

When Sam reunites with Dean
And to Heaven
Sam releases Bobby’s soul
For it to go
Crowley stops the trip very easily you know

Naomi appears
But there is another surprise
Allowing Bobby to ascend to Heaven
Before their eyes

Kevin has been hearing Crowley’s voice
In his head it’s true
Sadly Crowley appears to abduct Kevin
The Winchesters have no clue