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Supernatural episode The Great Escapist in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Kevin is surprised
That Sam and Dean come to the houseboat
Yet they forgot the secret knock
Translating the tablet
Kevin is still on the clock

A short time later
Sam and Dean leave
Yet these are not the Winchesters
But shape shifting demons that Crowley conceived

Castiel is on the run with the tablet
To various Biggersons he goes to hide
Crowley locates Castiel
And shoots Castiel with bullets made from an angel blade
Inside of Castiel’s chest the tablet Crowley finds

Meanwhile Sam is in the Men of Letters bunker
Sam remembers a picture of a symbol
From his old Stanford humanities book
The symbol is about the messenger of God
Off the Winchesters go to have look

In a Colorado hotel and later at a Native American museum
A legend the Winchesters learn
The messenger of God acquires countless stories
From civilization he can earn

Later the Winchesters meet Metatron
Metatron has stayed away a very long time
Endless stories in which to read
Has he been oblivious to humanity’s suffering
When angelic help man may need

Later Crowley attacks Kevin
Metatron saves Kevin
With his angel powers
Kevin he heals
Curing a demon is the third trial
Is what Metatron does reveal