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Supernatural episode poem Clip Show in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Tommy Collins
Who the Winchesters saved from a wendigo long ago
Sadly his head explodes
A gruesome way to go

In the Men of Letters bunker
The Winchesters find
A dungeon and a file
With surprising information
Certainly one of a kind

There is a reel
With footage to see
Priests from the 1950s
An unfamiliar exorcism to be

To cure a demon
Is the third trial
If the Winchesters can do
Closing the gates of Hell
Can they make it through

Dean is still angry at Castiel
A cold shoulder to tell
What can Castiel do
To make things well

To a convenience store
Castiel goes
To get needed supplies
And pie for Dean you know

While in the convenience store
An angelic brother is who Castiel meets
It is Metatron
The scribe of God
That Castiel greets

An old recording from the 1950s
With an exorcism to cure a demon
Offers a great choice
The Winchesters will need to trap a demon
Of course

The supplies they need
Include a needle and thread
The task for the Winchesters
Is to sew back on her body
Abbadon’s head

Metatron tells Castiel
That there’s an angel trial to see
To make Heaven
A better place to be

Metatron convinces Castiel
That Castiel has the skill
A part of the angel trial
Is a nephilim
Who Castiel must kill

Abbadon’s head is reassembled
But her hands are in a box
When the Winchesters get a call from Crowley and leave the room
Abbadon proves that she is crazy like a fox

It looks like Abbadon has used the power of her mind
To open the box and have her hand
Remove the devil’s trap bullet from her mouth
A cunning maneuver you understand

Crowley has been reading the Winchester gospels
The King of Hell won’t behave
If the Winchesters don’t stop the trials
Crowley will kill the people the boys have saved

Tommy Collins
Jenny Klein
And Sarah Blake are the victims
Crowley has been killing with witchy spells
Will the Winchesters accept Crowley’s deal to stop the trials
Only time will tell