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Supernatural episode Sacrifice in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Using an alias with Jody Mills
Crowley is on a date
Crowley uses a spell to kill her
Can the Winchesters stop him
Before it’s too late

Will the Winchesters accept Crowley’s deal to stop the trials
Is this meant to be
Or do they have a plan to defeat the King of Hell
We’ll just have to wait and see

The Winchesters meet up with Kevin
Who retrieves the tablet from its hiding place
Then it’s off to South Dakota
Where the King of Hell
The brothers will face

Looks like the Winchesters have accepted Crowley’s deal
A contract that Sam must sign
But it was a trick to trap the King of Hell
The only demon that the brothers could find

Crowley is the demon
That Sam will try to cure
But Sam will sacrifice so much
Can the younger Winchester endure

By injecting Crowley with human blood
The King of Hell’s humanity begins to flow
This strategy isn’t without risks
As Sam will soon come to know

Later Crowley bites Sam
The Winchester blood needed after all
This method is how Crowley is able
His demons he can call

Instead of a demon army
It is only Abbadon who appears
The Knight of Hell is ready
Abbadon causes others to fear

With a raise of her hand
Through a window Sam does fly
Lucky for Sam Winchester
This time he didn’t die

Abandon will not obey Crowley
Even if he is Hell’s king
For Abbadon there should be a regime change
With her in charge to bring

Meanwhile another one of the angel trials
Is for Castiel to get Cupid’s bow
When Naomi captures Metatron
She gets more than she bargained for you know

Later Dean discovers
If Sam finishes the trials
He will surely die
But Sam is willing to sacrifice his life
To save the world is why

Metatron betrayed Castiel
Castiel’s grace is used for a spell
Because of Metatron’s efforts
From Heaven all the angels fell