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Supernatural episode Bad Boys in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

When Dean known as DDog gets a call from Sonny
A man from his past
The Winchesters will work the case
Determined that the supernatural horror won’t last

Dean tells Sam about Sonny
After he was caught stealing
Teen Dean was sent to a home for delinquent boys
That Sonny ran
Sonny had a way of listening and caring
The lives of troubled boys Sonny seemed to understand

Teen Dean excelled at wrestling
Local diner waitress and musician Robin
Was a girl with whom he shared a first kiss
For young Dean Winchester
A normal life he had missed

In the present
A ghost is killing people at the home for boys
A connection to an orphan named Timmy
Is what the Winchesters found
Timmy’s mother was killed in a fire
She is the ghost that is around

In the end
Timmy convinces his ghostly mother to stop killing people
That she can leave because he will be okay
Later Dean recalls when he gave up his normal life
For his love for Sam
An unbreakable bond that remains to this day