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Supernatural episode I’m No Angel in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Castiel is on the run
The angels are on his trail
Without angelic powers
How can he prevail

Castiel is in a homeless shelter
Using Clarence as his name
For Castiel discovers that life on Earth
Is an entirely different game

Priests are killed
Their bodies for all to see
Are the angels closing in on Castiel
Time for him to flee

Bartholomew is a leader of an angel faction
Getting new vessels for the angels will take some skill
So Buddy Boyle is a pastor with a web sermon
Bartholomew has learned
Buddy Boyle’s words convinces people to become vessels
Loyalty is earned

But being an angelic vessel isn’t always easy
Do you want to know why
Angelic grace is powerful
A vessel explodes and people die

The Winchesters are looking for Castiel
At the homeless shelter they ask around
Castiel was using the name Clarence
Was what they found

Meanwhile Castiel is very hungry
Searching a trash can for a meal
A woman named April gives him a sandwich
Kindness revealed

April takes Castiel back to her place
A hookup comes to pass
But April’s kindness
Certainly doesn’t last

For April is a reaper
Torture is her plan
To find out from Castiel
Information about Metatron
You understand

The Winchesters show up at Castiel’s place
Just as April kills Castiel
Ezekiel heals Castiel
But is the angel friend or foe
Only time will tell