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Supernatural episode Slumber Party in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In the 1930s
In the Men of Letters bunker we see
Two men
And also that famous girl from Oz named Dorothy

Yes that Dorothy
From the Wizard of Oz book fame
But this is not the Dorothy you know from the books
Looks like an entirely different game

Dorothy tried all she could
To kill the Wicked Witch
She needs help from the Men of Letters
That is her pitch

What Dorothy ends up doing
Is a daring spell
To trap her own soul in a mysterious bottle
With the Wicked Witch
This probably won’t turn out well

In the present day
The Winchesters find in the Men of Letters bunker
A mysterious computer that maybe they can use to track the angels
A legitimate desire
For assistance they contact Charlie
Whose computer skills the brothers do admire

Charlie Bradbury admits to the brothers
She is hunting and trying her very best
But what she really wants
Is an exciting new quest

Dean accidentally knocked over the mysterious bottle
And later around the Men of Letters bunker
The Wicked Witch looks for a special key
That will allow her to open the portal to Oz
And reunite with her army of flying monkeys

While Dorothy tells Charlie
That in the Oz books
Dorothy’s father L. Frank Baum got it wrong in the day
No time for Charlie to be upset
If they are to defeat the Wicked Witch right away

The Wicked Witch meets the King of Hell
Crowley says he is a fan
The Wicked Witch doesn’t speak
Instead she makes an annoying sound
That Crowley seems to understand

In the chaos
When Charlie saves Dean from the Wicked Witch
Charlie dies
Luckily for the newest hunter
She is healed by Ezekiel
Is the reason why

The Wicked Witch still wanders around the bunker
Searching for the key
Later evil possessed The Winchesters
Who try to kill Charlie

Poppy seeds and Dorothy’s red slippers
And the Wicked Witch and her flying monkeys
Charlie does defeat
Then it’s off to Oz with Dorothy
A new quest for Charlie Bradbury to meet